[Poem] Captain Spectrum is my favorite superhero and was created by my late friend on the autism spectrum, Chris Miller, who created him when he was only 12 years old.

Captain Spectrum

told us all to just be kind

to everyone we meet.

His wisdom was a great feat!

Bullies were his nemesis,

Yet he reminded them

that it was cool

to have friends with disabilities,

Set them anew with a great genesis.

Bullies would then often become kind

when they had seen his heart was blind

to hate!

Captain Spectrum

will live on,

Though his creator

has passed on…

R.I.P. Christopher Ryan Paul Miller (February 3, 2002 ~ February 12, 2021 [age 19]) Read obituary here.



[Free Bonus Poem] A poem about the pending status of certain cases.

Pending status,

Charges looming,

You worry they may becoming

a serious problem.

Even if they are being dropped,

You still need your actions stopped.

Whether you are afraid to say something,

Or you are worried over nothing,

As long as you behave

you have been saved.

Don’t talk on call or on media

or tell anyone about your case,

For the serious consequences you will face!

So, I understand your silence, ok?



[Poem] A poem about the meaning I put behind a soulmate.

Sincerest of passion,

Most often with compassion,

You love them with irrational

feelings you cannot comprehend.

You are their twin flame,

The only one you could blame

for stealing your heart

and never giving it back!

They are…your soulmate.

Isn’t that so neat a fate?



[Poem] What does true control look like? This poem tells my view.

You say you want control,

But what is it anyway?

Some say they want to lose control.

That’s why I tell you

true control is having none,

Not the other way around!

Give yourself to nature,

Let things happen naturally,

And don’t act habitually.

No, I mean obsessively,

Because true nature becomes habit.



[Poem] A poem detailing what truth is behind 'The Secret’ to the Universe and life itself.

The truth behind The Secret

to all life in the Universe

is that focus comes before practice.

Focus on success and you get access

to all that comes with success.

Focus on misery and you look back in history

to find guilt and shame

and all the blame that comes from misery.

Focus leads to choice,

Choice leads to action,

And action leads to outcome.

It’s your choice what to focus on!

What outcome do you want?



[Free Bonus Poem] “WYSWYHWYF” stands for “What You See/What You Hear/What you feel”. This free bonus poem will help make sense of it.

When it comes to me;

What you see is what you get,

What you hear is true,

And what you feel is authentic.

That’s the truth when you:

Look at me with your eyes,

Hear me with your ears,

And feel what I feel with your heart!

When I love, the feeling is real




[Poem] A poem that shows how we should make choices before acting.

Making choices

before acting

leads to success.


before making choices

leads to misery.

Make choices,

Keep making choices,

And never stop making choices.

Make the right ones at least…

If you don’t like your choice,

Then choose another.

But always keep choosing,

Forever and ever more clearly.

The choice is yours.

Make your choices already!



(Poem) A poem about the differences between being 'high-functioning' and 'normal-functioning’.

You think I can,

Because I am ‘high-functioning’.

I think you can,

Because you are ‘normal-functioning’.

What’s the difference?

Normal-functioning is actually

higher than High-functioning!

High-functioning means

I can take care of my own basic needs.

Normal functioning means

You can take care of almost all needs,

Not just your own,

But a greater number of other people’s needs too.

I can generally take care of others,

But only within my own limits!

You have your limits,

But my limits are far greater…

Nobody is perfect,

Even Normal-functioning people

have things they cannot do

that I may be able to.

My I think I can

is different than yours…



[Poem] A poem about my feelings towards a really beautiful, gorgeous and stunning woman.

Baby, baby

I love who you are.

Baby baby,

I love you just the way you are.

I wouldn’t change you,

I love you.

I wouldn’t change a thing about you,

I love you and everything about ya.

Baby, baby

You are gorgeous and stunning,

Your smile is rather amazing!

Baby, baby

Your eyes are so pretty,

I love you and the way you look at me.

Baby, baby

Have you fallen for me?

I’ll have everything when you’re mine.

Don’t ever let go of me,

Or forever I will cry…



Rev Dr Joseph D Smith DD

Rev Dr Joseph D Smith DD


I am Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Smith, D..D. , Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity offering spiritual guidance. I believe in Christiversalism of which I founded.